raising little ones in the great outdoors

Friday Stoke

I love it when a picture gets a writer off the hook for writing content. Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words. Thanks for reader Mark Walters for cluing us in. The photo has been one of the most popular at Surfline.


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7 Responses to “Friday Stoke”

  1. Andy G says:

    I saw that look on my daughter last night roller skating for the first time (same position). Unfortunately, not nearly as exciting for dad…

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting!

  3. Nathan(8), Ella(2), Shane & Annie(35) says:

    That is Epic. I would love to see other pics of outdoor parents doing cool things with their kids…

    It is challenging to take good pictures because most of the time I am recreating with my children alone…Let’s try it


    real or no… VERY COOL! 😀


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