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At The Outdoor Parent, it’s our belief that adventure is a state of mind. If you know how to look, you can find it in your backyard or in the forests on the city’s edge just as easily as you can atop a peak or deep inside a canyon. If your passion is travel, foreign landscapes and different cultures, the standard logic seems to dictate that parenthood is incompatible with world travel. Or is it? This week we present two unique perspectives from moms who chose to think and act outside the proverbial box.

Writer Maggie Jacobus always dreamed of introducing her children to the world abroad. Four years ago, the Jacobus family radically changed their lifestyle with the hope of bringing their children closer to nature and a different culture. They sold their home and business in suburban Milwaukee and moved to the jungles of Costa Rica.

After the birth of her daughter Ava, climber Carrie Cooper saw her daughter’s early years as a chance to maintain a lifestyle of climbing and travel while fostering curiosity and creativity in her daughter.  The world was one giant classroom for her daughter to explore. This year Carrie and her husband Kyle George set out on a four-month road trip through New Zealand with Ava.

As a parent you define your family’s lifestyle. You listen to your heart, then temper it with logistics, your children’s needs, and life’s seasons.  We hope you enjoy these two unique voices from moms who decided to follow the road less traveled.

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