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Friday Stoke

I think folks are starting to feel the winter bug. And it’s no wonder when inches of snow are starting to fall. Inspired by last week’s photo, Joel Waltner sent us a photo taken last winter with his son Elias, then 20 months, “full of energy and enthusiasm.”  “We were out skiing with some friends of ours and their daughter was being pulled along in the sled, while Elias had been stashed on my back in a carrier. After we had stopped at a little cabin here in the woods on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, Elias insisted on pulling the sled, so he got to pull it down a fairly steep slippery slope before we were able to coax him back into the child carrier for the ski home.” Sounds like a determined skier!

Contributor Steve Bohrer sent us a photo from his backyard in Idaho. “We’ve had snow in October for the last two years, but not this early. And then we’ve had awesome mountain snow. So I hope the pattern holds this year.”

Wax your skis and find your snow boots and toboggans. Wintertime fun is nearly upon us!

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Inches of snow in early October

Inches of snow in early October

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m not sure I’m finished with summer yet- we’re stoked to try a bike tour incl ferry to Whidbey island, WA to do a ‘map race’ with our 1 and 2 year olds. check out cascadeoc.org if you want to join us.

    speaking of biking: here is an inspiring 5 year old ripping it up in Whistler. we have yet to get our scoot bike to the skate/bike park but clearly it’ll be fun someday (no rush):


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