raising little ones in the great outdoors

Mother Nature’s Fireworks

Shooting stars – nothing quite captures the imagination and puts the universe in perspective like a meteor.  It makes us dream of space travel, wonder about the mutable nature of space and time, and stare in awe at Mother Nature’s fireworks.  Hopefully, tonight the sky is clear in your part of the country. Starting this evening, the Perseids, the most famous and regular meteor shower, will be at their...

The “U” in “Suck”

“There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’, but there is a ‘U’ in ‘Suck’.” Someone painted these words on the back window of the Suburban in front of us. At the time, I found it hilarious. I still think it’s funny, but not as much as I did after running three relay legs totaling 18 miles, closing my eyes for two hours on a high-school floor, and driving all over the back roads of northern Utah with my...

Using the Facilities: Facts of Life at the Crag

“Teamwork, confidence and patience,” my nine-year-old daughter said without hesitation when I asked her for tips on learning how to pee outside. I laughed. She was exactly right though. It has been a long trail towards the mastery of using nature’s facilities. Now, in retrospect, the mishaps are mostly funny. The more nature has become our second home even I’ve improved at using the outdoor facilities....

Sawtooth Backpacking

Steve and the gang just got back from a four-day backpacking trip in Idaho’s Sawtooth Range.  Oddly, enough I was there too about two weeks ahead of the Bohrer family. Steve put together this great little slide show/video report. If you look closely you can see him cringe behind the camera when, his kids are on the granite water slide.  How nice it would be to have young knees.
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